What is a Public Adjuster and Why Are They Important!

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Importance Of A Public Adjuster

What is a Public Adjuster?

We often get asked “Is getting a public adjuster even worth it?” and the answer is always yes. At the end of the day it’s not ideal to get into the weeds of the insurance claims process without professional guidance. Filing a claim can be tedious, often delaying the payout you need in order to repair your home. So what exactly is a public adjuster, and why are they so important?

A public adjuster is a licensed claim professional who works for homeowners to negotiate with insurance companies. They are basically your personal representation for an insurance claim. They do a total inspection of the home, prepare, file and manage the payment of claims regarding property loss.

Why are they important to have around?

There are many benefits to having a public adjuster on your side. They are extremely knowledgeable in insurance claims and will often save you time when it comes to filing and settling a claim. They offer the expertise needed to understand complex insurance policies helping you to make a proper claim under your insurance contract. Public adjusters also make sure that the insurance companies are offering a fair settlement. Their goal is to make sure you get the maximum insurance payout that you deserve for your property loss. When you solely rely on your insurance company and their own adjusters to determine what you are entitled to, you are often going to be left with a less than fair settlement.

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