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Marcin Koziol


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Senior Sales representative

Marcin Koziol is the founder and CEO of Elite Adjusting Group LLC, a leading independently-licensed public
adjusting company in Chicagoland. Elite Adjusting Group represents insurance policy holders for property losses
caused by natural disasters, specifically from wind, hail, and water damage. His expertise stems from his
extensive involvement in all aspects of many complex private and corporate exterior construction initiatives since

For 15 years Marcin has taken on increasing responsibilities starting from individual carpentry work, through large
crew management and sales leadership in the insurance industry. His experience leading large, diverse crews
through successful project completion spans all seasons and facets of construction, from property assessments
and claims adjusting, to exterior damage repairs, masonry, snowstorm management.


Further experience includes:

  • Recognized and trusted adjusting expert within the US insurance industry.
  • Professional claims consultant with over 10 years experience.
  • Providing adjusting assistance for over 1500 approved claims.
  • Personally inspected over 10,000 properties.
  • Crew leader for leading subcontractor companies in Chicagoland.

Your Home or Business Was Damaged by Nature — Now What?

Severe weather can be a terrifying experience, but the stress of big storms doesn’t stop after the clouds clear. Property damage can be a disheartening result of hail, wind, fallen trees, and other natural events.

Did you know that Illinois state law obligates insurance companies to cover the entire cost of damage caused by severe weather?

This can help relieve the stress of dealing with Mother Nature’s damage to your home or business, but it doesn’t remove all responsibility from you as the owner. It is up to you to know the extent of the damage caused to your home before making an insurance claim.

Call Us for a Comprehensive Property Damage Assessment

After a severe weather event, check the exterior of your home or business immediately to compile an initial damage assessment. Insurance studies reveal that many people don’t realize their homes have been damaged by inclement weather until it’s too late (past the date of loss). Take notes of all areas you notice are damaged.  
When it comes to assessing property damage, there’s no room for guessing games. At Elite Adjusting Group, we specialize in getting full compensation for damages caused by wind, hail, fallen trees, severe storms, and whatever else nature can throw at your home.  
Our job is to survey your home, business, or other property to pinpoint any damage caused by nature. Because we are dedicated insurance adjusters, we have the time and resources to give your home or business a thorough examination to report even minor damage that you may overlook.

Free Initial Property Damage Inspections

We save you time and money from the start. Elite Adjusting Group provides a free inspection to assess all damage to your home or business. Even before you choose to work with us, we work for you — not the insurance company. We want to get you the maximum amount you are entitled to under your policy. What separates us from other insurance adjusters is the legwork we put in before the job begins, when it matters most to you.  

Property damage can be tough on you and your family or business, especially if it interferes with the integrity of the building’s structure. Your home can’t be a comfortable place to live when damage is present, and visible damage to your business is a red flag to potential clients. Elite Adjusting Group works to ensure your insurance claim covers all damage to your property, so that necessary repairs can be completed to restore the safety of your building as soon as possible.

Get the Insurance Claim You Deserve

When you choose Elite Adjusting Group, you will partner with a dedicated insurance liaison who will thoroughly document your property damage and clearly demonstrate what repairs are needed and approved by your insurance company. We’re in the business of taking care of you.

With an average claim loss of $8,551, there is no room for mistakes, and the only voice you have in communicating with the insurance agency is that of the contractor. By working with Elite Adjusting Group, you have a dependable insurance adjuster and contractor on your side.

We work with Elite Exteriors to complete all property repairs efficiently. When nature comes knocking at your door (and the rest of your property), call Elite Adjusting Group and we’ll take care of the rest.