Roofing Insurance Claims for Storm Damage

roofing insurance claims
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Storm damage to your roof can be caused by multiple different weather happenings in Chicago. Whether it’s snow or ice, excessive wind, or even damage caused by debris during a storm, you most likely qualify to submit a roofing insurance claim for storm damage. Here are some tips for filing a claim.

Don’t ignore the small stuff. You might think that a couple lifted shingles is no big deal, or that a dent from a hail storm isn’t anything to worry about, but these damages can actually lead to far worse. When water can penetrate your roof it can lead to mold or mildew build up, flooding and even structural damage. 

Do hire an insurance adjuster that specializes in storm damage. Not all insurance adjusters are specialized in storm damage, so it’s important to hire someone who knows specifics. Here are some things that an insurance adjuster is going to look for when assessing your roof after a storm:

  • Are any of your shingles lifted or curled?
  • Have any of the granules started to wear off the shingles surface?
  • What about hail damage, do you have small dents in your roof?
  • Are there any holes or damages caused by fallen debris?

Having someone who knows exactly what to look for will make the process easier.

Don’t get overwhelmed with the paperwork. When you hire an insurance adjuster, they deal with all the paperwork for you, so you don’t have to get bogged down with the details of your claim. It’s crucial that all of your storm damage is recorded so that you can get the insurance claim you deserve. Having a professional by your side can make the process for filing a roofing insurance claim for storm damage a much easier task. 

Elite Adjusting is your preferred insurance claim adjuster in the Chicago area. We have a team of experienced roofers who specialize in storm damage, making the process for filing a roofing insurance claim for storm damage a breeze. We assess hail and wind damage to your home’s exterior and help you get the claim amount you deserve for repairs. Give us a call today for your free property assessment.