The steps we take to filing an insurance claim for hail damage

Hail is inevitable in Chicagoland, and unfortunately it can cause damage to your roof’s structure. When hail strikes your home, it’s important to get a roofing professional out immediately to inspect for damage. Fixing your roof can sound like a big, expensive task, but no worries. If hail has caused damage we can help you file a hail damage roof insurance claim to cover the costs. 

Let’s first talk about how hail can actually damage your roofing system. 

The damage caused by a hail storm can vary, and typically depends on the strength of the storm, amount of hail and size. 

  • Wind direction and strength is important to note because wind typically controls the angle and how hard the hail hits your roof. 
  • Hail can vary from coin sizes all the way to the size of a baseball. Of course, the larger the hail the more damage it can cause. 
  • Amount of hail is also important. More hail increases the changes of roof damage. 

So what does hail damage look like?

There are different signs of roof damage caused by hail and they typically depend on the type of roofing material you have. 

  • Missing shingle granules 
  • Dents in roofing structure
  • A split in wood shingles
  • Random spots of damage

Sometimes everyday wear and tear from age or other harsh weather conditions can be mistaken for hail damage. It’s important to have a trained storm damage roofing specialist come out to inspect your roof to make sure all the damage is accounted for.

Now, how do we help you file a hail damage roof insurance claim?

It’s easy with Elite Adjusting Group!

  1. The first step we take is coming out for a free initial roof inspection. After a hail storm hits, our professional storm damage specialists will inspect the damage and document everything. This includes writing out a detailed damage report with images. 
  2. Then we walk through all the damage with you, the homeowner. We always make sure to be transparent with our customers, laying out everything for them.
  3. Next we reach out to your homeowners insurance on your behalf. As an insurance adjuster, we know the ins and outs of insurance policies and claims. This saves you time and money when you’re trying to get your roofing repaired or replaced. 
  4. Lastly, we file your detailed claim and wait for the approval and check. 

Once you have your claim money, it’s time to get your roof repaired!

Filing a hail damage roof insurance claim doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With the help of the Elite Adjusting Group professionals, you can rest assured that your claim is taken care of properly. Don’t be afraid of hail damage, we got you covered!

If you believe hail has damaged your property, give us a call and let’s set up your free initial roof inspection. It’s best to get any damage fixed before the next storm hits. 

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